What is a PC headset?

Some users don’t see the difference between a headset and headphones. However, these are different concepts that should be distinguished.

A headset for a computer – what is it?

This concept arose back in the last century when distance communication began to develop actively. The headset is a mechanically combined set of headphones worn on the head and a microphone — used for various means of communication to transmit and receive sound.


Headphone types

It is essential to understand that the headset and headphones must be chosen according to their requirements. For example, if you need a headset for communication or work, you should not “headlong” take branded gaming headphones at a discount, which will come out much more expensive than you need. There are several types of headphones for their practical use:

  • Computer headset for communication (budget option, emphasis is placed only on the quality of the microphone for better sound transmission);
  • for music (the presence of a microphone is not necessary here, the emphasis is on sound quality, bass transmission, and the required frequency);

for games (usually, there is a microphone for communicating with players, the emphasis is on convenience);
for mobile devices (an expensive option, where attention is paid to lightness and compactness);
universal (a reasonably economical option for users who need just a little bit, the sound quality is average);
monitor (this type is usually not equipped with a microphone, the cost is relatively high, they are bought mainly for studio recordings by professionals, high-quality sound transmission without distortion).
These are just the main characteristics from which it is worth starting from when choosing. An ordinary user is likely to use universal headphones. This is an ideal option both in terms of cost and functional application – you can use them to chat on Skype, play online games, and listen to music without much interference. If you emphasize any activity, then it is better to choose the appropriate option (for example, office workers at home buy a headset for their work to communicate with a high-quality microphone). We hope that these tips will help you understand a little and make the right choice.