What is a headset?

Until recently, headphones were not in great demand among users but were intended for professional work with sound. However, the development of digital technologies has made this accessory very popular. Headphones come in a variety of designs, costs, and performances. Among them, there is a special type, which is called a headset.

What is a headset and how does it differ from headphones?

A headset is an accessory that can not only reproduce sound but also provide communication between people. It completely replaces speakers and headphones. The accessory is especially convenient when using smartphones since you do not need to put the device to your ear to communicate.

The headphones are for listening to audio files only.


The main differences between a headset and headphones are:

  • the product has a built-in microphone;
  • this device has switched on the case;
  • headphones are designed for listening to music, a headset – for receiving sound and transmitting it;
  • headphones very often do not have fixation elements – they are mandatory for a headset;
  • since the products have different purposes, the headphones are tuned for high-quality sound and the headset for good reproduction.

Wired and wireless headset: differences

According to the connection method, the device can be wired or wireless. Both of these products have one purpose – the transmission of a voice signal:

  • The wired product is connected to an external device using a cable with a 3.5 plug. – without this, it will not work;
  • the wireless product uses the Bluetooth channel for signal transmission.

The wireless device is powered by an internal rechargeable battery or batteries and therefore has a limited operating time. At the same time, this version of the product provides excellent mobility, since there are no wires that provide signal transmission. You can safely move around with the accessory, but the signal quality will depend on the range of the Bluetooth channel.

There are models of wireless devices equipped with one speaker. Most often they are used by drivers since Hands-Free allows you to communicate without being distracted from the road and the driving process. They are also popular with couriers, installers, and people of other professions, whose work requires frequent calls.

For office workers, the wired option would be an excellent option, since their work is not associated with constant movement and does not require concentration on the road. However, the product must provide good sound insulation so that extraneous sounds do not distract from work.

Headset for mobile phone

When choosing the most suitable device, users often face the question – which option is better: wired or wireless?

All smartphones have built-in Bluetooth, so they can work with both wired and wireless headsets.

Modern wireless data transfer protocols provide a high-quality signal without extraneous noise and sound distortion. However, such products are slightly more expensive than the wired option.

For the best comparison of the two options, it is worth noting their pros and cons.

Pros of a wireless accessory:

  • eliminates unnecessary wires;
  • the device is very comfortable to wear, it is conveniently fixed in the auricle and does not press on it;
  • some models can connect to several external devices at the same time – for this, there must be a Multipoint function.


  • device cost;
  • the need for charging.

Advantages of a wired device:

  • some models provide much better sound than wireless options;
  • does not require charging;
  • universally – can be connected to external units that do not have Bluetooth function;
  • inexpensive cost.

Cons: the presence of wires.


Virtual reality headset

More recently, VR technology was sensational. But lately, it has not been surprising to anyone. More and more new devices are constantly appearing on the market, and the price of such products is decreasing and making them more accessible to a wide range of users.

A virtual reality headset is a separate branch of this technology. The price of such devices is lower than that of conventional VR glasses.

The main structural elements of this device are lenses, while in VR helmets the video signal is transmitted using built-in screens. Here, the signal is sent from a smartphone installed in the body of the product. The signal passes through the lenses and becomes stereoscopic. The most important element is the lenses. The quality of the image will depend on them.


Computer headset

Since a personal computer is a stationary device, such characteristics as mobility are not required. When choosing an accessory for working with a computer, you should pay attention to the quality of the transmitted and reproduced signal.

Connection to a computer can be carried out in two ways: separately and combined. In the first case, the microphone and headphones are connected to the corresponding jacks on the PC case. In the second, the connection is carried out in one connector.

The most comfortable option is a full-size headset with soft ear pads and a wire at least 2.5 meters long.

There are many different headset models. They differ in their characteristics, purpose, and price. Therefore, choosing the appropriate option is quite simple.